friday fun

Okay, its kind of been serious around here lately, time to lighten things up! The New York Zoos and Aquarium has a fun website for kids and silly adults where you can build your own wild self. That’s me above, I have antennae so I can get me a better sense of what makes people tick, sticky froggy arms so I can hang on to the people and things I love, Tiger feet so I can stand strong and have more courage, and butterfly wings so I can fly away just in case all those other magic parts don’t work! Go build your own beautiful wild selves here! And then check out other Illustration Friday “vanity” entrants here…have a great weekend everyone:)

winter white


One of my favorite blogs to visit is the odd neighbor. It’s an illustration/poetry blog by a mysterious writer-illustrator who calls her self Catnapping (her friends call her “Cat” for short). Cat’s illustrations are always darling, often hilarious, and the haiku she sometimes writes to go along with her illos is perpetually clever. One of my favorite pieces of hers is the dove animation above. I used it once eons ago (with her permission of course) on my old blog and I wanted to share it again here at the new and improved bookbabie, enjoy!