sunday rerun


I was thinking about Julie today and her husband’s sudden death and I remembered a post I did on my old blog. I had a tattered copy laying around and it being a lazy Sunday afternoon and all I decided to rerun it. I did the neat old movie animation on Mr. bookbabie’s photo at, a fun online photo editor and animator…

On our way home from Whole Foods today, my husband and I saw an accident just minutes after it happened. A large SUV had run off the road, hit a ditch, and smashed into some trees. Several cars had already stopped to help but the police hadn’t yet arrived and we saw that someone had opened the driver-side door. Inside, a woman lay slumped and unmoving over the steering wheel. She had short blond hair like me and she was wearing a red coat with a fur collar. Maybe she was out running errands we said, or maybe she was on her way home from a holiday lunch. We tried to convince one another that she was “just” knocked out from the force of the airbag, that the front end of the car really didn’t look that bad.

As we drove, one, two, three police cars sped past us, lights flashing and sirens screaming. Then two ambulances and another police car passed us and we suddenly realized that she probably wasn’t alone in that big SUV, maybe she had a car full of friends – or children. As we opened the trunk at our house we could still hear the wail of sirens in the distance and I turned to my husband and said, Every day when I hear you…and that’s all I got out before the tears started and the words caught in my throat. But what I wanted to say was this, Every day when I hear the door open and I hear your footsteps coming into the house, and I hear your tired voice call out ‘hello’, that’s the best part of my day, that’s the moment I would choose to have back one more time if anything ever happened to you.”

the hideout


Ran across another great site with lots of graphics and animations for blogs and My Space. It’s at Feeling a little worn out today. When stuff happens with my mom I get an adrenaline burst to get me through and then I crash. I think I’ll run to Kohl’s later and get her some smaller nightgowns. She’s lost a lot of weight but hasn’t been able to get out and shop. I love that snowy graphic. Don’t you just want to go and hide out in that house for a few weeks? It looks so peaceful.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Robert Frost