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Butterfly Photography

Capture this Photography

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Displaced Beachbums

Fabric Bug

Fighting Windmills

Gluten Free Girl

Gluten Free Goddess

Good News with Daryn Kagan

Grandma Kc

Janie and Steve

Jeremy Couillard

Joyful Reflections

Kathy’s Birds

Kindle Nation Daily

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Let a Joy Keep You-Leslie

Life in the Bogs

Milo and Alfie

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Sidewalk Shoes (Pam’s blog)

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Smith Magazine

Surface to Surface Photography


The Capricious Painter

The Odd Neighbor

The Redroom

The Seeded Earth

Travis Erwin


Unmerited Gifts

2 thoughts on “Friends

    • as you may know very well than me these days blogs are cropping up all over the place.most plpeoe starting such blogs think,they can write anyway and anything on there blog which is definately not true.but your blog solely stands out for your writing style,it is actually quite engrossing.keep at it.

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