gobble gobble!

Hanging with family all this week and hosting Thanksgiving at our house. We have two birds in the oven, a spiral sliced ham, and lots of gluten-free casseroles and several yummy desserts all ready to go! One year ago today we were reeling and missing my mom, now we are just missing her. Have a wonderful day, and no  matter how much your family is annoying you, take a moment to be grateful for them:)

right brain left brain


This little dancer has been floating around the Internet as a test for right brain/left brain thinking. If you see her twirling clockwise you use the right side of your brain, counterclockwise and you are a lefty. I first saw it on my friend Betsy’s blog. Whether it is simply an optical illusion or an indicator of thought process is up for debate. In any case, it’s a neat little animation!