right brain left brain


This little dancer has been floating around the Internet as a test for right brain/left brain thinking. If you see her twirling clockwise you use the right side of your brain, counterclockwise and you are a lefty. I first saw it on my friend Betsy’s blog. Whether it is simply an optical illusion or an indicator of thought process is up for debate. In any case, it’s a neat little animation!

10 thoughts on “right brain left brain

  1. Hi Lilli—-I can sit and watch that girl twirl for hours. I can make her go both ways although she moves clockwise more than counter-clockwise. AND since I’m more left-brained, this is OPPOSITE… It’s a puzzlement!!!!

    Thanks for featuring this again.

  2. First it goes clockwise and then counter clockwise. I am left handed, but I am really mid brained. I turn my hand over when I right which is a classic indicator of a mid-brainer. Pappy

  3. I only see her going one way (clockwise) and I am a lefty but I could have been distracted by her perky chest. LOL. I remember those days.

  4. Amazing. I can see her turning both ways, guess that makes me a rational creative thinker or maybe a creative rational thinker.

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