7 degress of moi

kreativ-blogger-award2Joann, a new blogger buddy of mine, passed along the Kreative Blogger Award to me recently. If I accept the award I have to share seven of my favorite things with you. So here we go…

1. Well, if you read my blog regularly you can probably guess the first one, my new baby granddaughter, Brooklyn. She came over on Sunday for her first family birthday dinner and her poor mommy had to beg  to get a turn to hold her own baby!

2. Spell check. I’m actually a pretty good speller but for some reason I love to see the little red underline appear under words and then get that drop down list of choices, I find it very satisfying. It’s weird, I know.

3. The moment every day when my husband comes home…I hear the back door open and his footsteps as he walks in, the soft swishing sound as he slides his briefcase under the desk in the kitchen, and then his voice, tired but relieved to be done with another busy day as he looks for me and says, “I’m home!”

4. My new camera, I carry it around in the crook of my arm like it’s a baby. It’s weird, I know.

5. Having sisters. I feel like I gypped my daughter Lizzi only giving her a brother. Maybe if I named my camera Samantha, Lizzi could think of it as her little sister?

6. The first cup of coffee in the morning (if it’s snowing or raining outside it tastes twice as good!).

7. Losing myself in a good book, which hasn’t happened in a long time. Partly because my brain is a bit fried from the past year’s ups and downs, and partly because I just haven’t found the right book:(