7 degress of moi

kreativ-blogger-award2Joann, a new blogger buddy of mine, passed along the Kreative Blogger Award to me recently. If I accept the award I have to share seven of my favorite things with you. So here we go…

1. Well, if you read my blog regularly you can probably guess the first one, my new baby granddaughter, Brooklyn. She came over on Sunday for her first family birthday dinner and her poor mommy had to beg  to get a turn to hold her own baby!

2. Spell check. I’m actually a pretty good speller but for some reason I love to see the little red underline appear under words and then get that drop down list of choices, I find it very satisfying. It’s weird, I know.

3. The moment every day when my husband comes home…I hear the back door open and his footsteps as he walks in, the soft swishing sound as he slides his briefcase under the desk in the kitchen, and then his voice, tired but relieved to be done with another busy day as he looks for me and says, “I’m home!”

4. My new camera, I carry it around in the crook of my arm like it’s a baby. It’s weird, I know.

5. Having sisters. I feel like I gypped my daughter Lizzi only giving her a brother. Maybe if I named my camera Samantha, Lizzi could think of it as her little sister?

6. The first cup of coffee in the morning (if it’s snowing or raining outside it tastes twice as good!).

7. Losing myself in a good book, which hasn’t happened in a long time. Partly because my brain is a bit fried from the past year’s ups and downs, and partly because I just haven’t found the right book:(

11 thoughts on “7 degress of moi

  1. That’s a great list. I know what you mean about serious life events temporarily frying your brain! It takes a while for the concentration to come back. This year has been hard for me too(awaiting surgery for a potential cancer recurrence, and my gorgeous husband’s retinas trying to detach themselves all the time ~ a problem which isn’t resolved yet).
    But hopefully concentration will come back ~ sooner or later!

    • Yeah Jan, sometimes I feel like a kid with ADD lately, I haven’t done anything with my writing other than blogging. Photography takes less concentration than words do for me so that’s what I’ve been doing more of. Hope you and husband get through your health stuff and things settle down for you both:)

  2. Oh..what kind of camera did you get??

    If you want a book that will make you fall in love with reading again, check out The Shadow of the Wind. I just reviewed it and it’s one of those “stop and ponder” books.

  3. Great post, Lilli…. I would never have guessed that you would have listed Miss Brooklyn FIRST… ha ha…

    I love my coffee too–regardless of the weather. Oh how I wish I had have had sisters. I am part of a very small family —and missed out on so much!!!!


  4. Well, I would have been shocked if your new granddaughter wasn’t #1! Don’t know what I’d do without my sisters, and I’ve always wondered why that cup of coffee tastes so much better in the rain and snow. Great list!

  5. it seems to me that life is full and glorious in your part of the world right now, so don’t worry what you’re not doing, focus on what you are.

  6. ah, your spell check “thing” is a fine love affair! Fine! (I am a terrible speller.)

    sisters, big yes! Where would we be if our mothers gave us none. boo hoo. love the swoosh of your husband’s briefcase sliding under the desk.

  7. ps. that is a heavy camera to be carrying around. when i first got mine, it made my hands ache… like lifting weights. Samantha! 🙂

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