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bookbabieposterartYou all know what a sucker I am for on-line generators and quizzes. Every time I find a fun new website I think that’s it, I must have seen them all and then I stumble on another…and another….and another. And I don’t spend all that much time on-line either, honest! As a matter of fact, last week I finally finished my feverish work on novel #3 and entered it in the ABNA contest. When I got up today I realized that this is the first day in many many months where I really feel like my time is my own. This weekend I even went to the craft store and bought stuff to make my future granddaughter a gift. I haven’t had the time , energy, or motivation to make something simply for the joy of creating in a long time and it really feels good. Anyhoo, the latest website. During Obama’s campaign a street artist named Shepard Fairey designed a poster (now somewhat controversial) that became very popular. I made the bookbabie poster at a neat website based on Fairey’s art called obamiconme. It’s free, no downloads, and after you set up an account it saves all your posters. Check it out, even if you didn’t vote for you-know-who, it’s still a lot of fun 😉

strength vs fear


When I was growing up, my mom often took on responsibility for two of her brothers who suffered from mental illness. My first trip to New York City was to visit one of those uncles on Staten Island in the hospital. I remember riding the subway in the city, taking cabs for the first time, and skimming across a blue-green New York Harbor on the Staten Island Ferry with my mother at my side. It was all a grand adventure as far as I was concerned and it never occurred to me that my mom was under any stress; wondering what kind of shape she would find her beloved big brother in, being forced to talk to strange doctors and make arrangements to get him back to Michigan. My grandmother always turned to her youngest daughter for help when the shit hit the fan because Carol was the “strong” one, the one who could get things done. I was surprised while talking with my mom in later years when she mentioned going to the doctor to get a prescription for Valium before she had to go to court to commit her other ill brother to a mental hospital. I suppose that was one of those eye opening moments when I really looked at my mother as a person, not as an all-powerful and all-knowing parent.

One of the characters in my latest book makes the following statement while talking to a friend, “…and the thing about strength is, nobody faces a potential heartache and thinks, Hey bring it on, I’m ready. It just doesn’t work like that Susie. We do what we have to do when the people we love need us and it’s damn hard sometimes. I don’t really buy into that idea some people have more strength than others.” So I’m wondering if you agree with her, are there people who are by nature stronger than others, or are some people simply more willing to act despite their fear? And do we pay a price by acting when we are afraid, or do we gain strength?

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robert downey Jr.(again)

I made this on Ultimate Flash Face. This is the kind of thing people do when they are getting over the flu and they’re tired of watching TV (people like me for instance). Does it look like someone we know? Someone who maybe likes to Google himself? We did get one new Google hit the other day that may of been him, Robert Downey Jr and February 2009, so maybe our plan worked, thanks for all the help 🙂

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robert downey Jr.

I was reading the paper this morning and it said that Robert Downey Jr. likes to Google himself, “…I do have that shortcoming. It’s really fun.” So I’m setting up a trap for him, kind of like Ellen did for George Clooney (okay, exactly like Ellen did for George). I made the pics of Mr. Downey Jr. at, a free website with tons of cool templates you can add your own photos to.  So click a bunch on this post and leave a comment too even if you don’t like the guy (but how couldn’t you? he ‘s almost as cute as George) so his Google bot will find us!

P.S. I should be writing right now, I have one week to finish my novel if I want to enter it in the Amazon contest, this post is a total ADD/avoidance/denial/anxiety driven exercise in poor time management..sigh…

cuppa cuppa java

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
I’ve been working on book three a lot lately, hoping to make the deadline for the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition. Last year with my mom so sick and the kids losing the baby, needless to say, my head was not in a good place and my writing was put on the back burner. I’ve decided to use the contest deadline (and lots of coffee) as motivation to get serious about finishing my third novel. I’m not sure if I’ll start another one after this one (I may be too busy babysitting later this year), only time will tell. Click on the picture to test your own caffeine “level”:)

smarter than a fifth grader

blog readability test

If you click on the orange badge it takes you to a fun website that analyzes your blog’s reading level. I’ve noticed it can vary from day to day though, I suppose along with the length and depth or your posts. The first time I tried it I was at the High School level, today I’ve dropped down to Junior High, same as the popular and intellectual celebrity gossip blog TMZ so I guess I’m in good company. I had a heck of a time finding any blogs at the College Level until I came across A Blog Around the Clock and then I stumbled on a Medical Humanities blog that earned the elusive Genius Level badge! I’m not really sure it deserves it though. I tried to read it but for some reason it didn’t really make much sense. I think that blogger just likes to throw around a lot big words like hegemonic and neuropsychoanalysis. Hmm, maybe if I paste a few more of those fancy words on my blog today I can get back into High School:)