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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you liked the quote. This was written for me in college by one of my best friends. I still have it on my desk to remind me to trust in myself when I get that “slipping away” feeling. Hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Anthony,Thanks for the replies.In terms of CSS in the heaedr, I was thinking more along the lines of how premium WP themes use CSS, like using a custom.css and link to that external stylesheet. That should cut down on load times, right?Also, while trying to learn more about jquerymobile, I’m still thinking that creating a basic html/css site would be best and keep most styling elements CSS-controlled. What I like about jquerymobile (from my 1/2 day of learning about it) is that the html5 seems to be slightly less intensive than traditional html/css and the fact you can use the CDNs is cool. But, when I went to jquerymobile.com in my HTC Android, it loaded quite slowly (maybe its my internet connection?) compared to an html mobile template I bought that loads lightening quick because it’s simple, not reliant on javascript (for the most part) etc.Thanks for the info on images. Would I need to consider media queries for images or should I just keep the images relatively small, despite not having the expand/contract feature depending on the orientation of the smart phone handset?Anyway, my inclination is toward simple html/css and considering jquerymobile more when it’s out of Beta and I learn more about it.Thoughts?Thanks again mateScott

  2. You always give us such wonderful links – thanks
    Thought of you and your family several times over the holiday – what can one say…
    Still, here’s to a productive and healing new year.

  3. Very interesting. I did something like this once with all those stickers you get from credit card offers. It seemed like a good way to use them. I made a bird. Happy New Year!

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