snark bytes

From Wikipedia: is a free online Ecards service created by Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell, and designed by Jerry Tamburro. The content of Someecards is comprised exclusively of parodies of the sentiments found in the traditional Hallmark greeting card, and often features content that could be considered cruel or offensive if taken seriously. Someecard’s deadpan humor has drawn approval from those for whom traditional greeting and Ecards do not appeal, especially younger urban audiences.

I’m not younger (unless you’re comparing me with my husband, or my brother, or most of my girlfriends, or Dennis my blogger friend in Texas) and I’m not urban either (more like suburban-ex-urbanite who wouldn’t mind a few acres in the country to build my “green” house on someday) but I still get a kick out of the Ecards on that website. Just make sure you only send them to people who can appreciate a very dry, very snarky sense of humor!

“What makes you think the whole world revolves around you?!” my mother said, as I slowly rotated to maintain eye contact. ~John Alejandro King