6 words to grace and back

Elizabeth Minkel at Smith Magazine recently wrote a nice article about their 6 word memoir book and the meme I started. It’s been a blast for me to follow the meme as it rippled its way across the vastness of the blogosphere. I’ve mostly read and commented on the memes that linked directly back to my original post because it would be impossible to google and read every single blog that has played! I thought it was time to do my own random list of some of the bloggers who played the meme, so here we go…

The very first to play, Melynn: A work in progress, be patient.

Fighting Windmills: Just six, can’t I have seven?

Julia: Can I be a cynical optimist?

Seabrooke: From deep within, a quiet song.

Phil: Looking at others looking at me.

Carol: I have become mother and daughter.

Dave: A migration never limited by horizon.

BustedBabyMaker: I cried. But new smiles awaited.

Zack (the 5 word rebel): Help people. Be useful. Improve.

Adam: Being active outdoors justifies fried food.

Lisa: Searching for happiness in ordinary moments.

Lori: An imperfect soul;observing God’s fingerprints.

Brent (another rebel): A cult of multiple personalties.

Kerri: I don’t know, but I’ll try.

Stephanie: Just let me finish this chapter!

This is obviously a very short list of people who have embraced the 6 word memoir meme, however, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has played so far. I’ve traveled far and wide tracking the meme as it left its memeprint on mom blogs, birder blogs, photography and book blogs. I’ve read the blogs of those dealing with health issues, the trials and joys of home schooling children, and the trials and heartbreak of those struggling with infertility. I’ve read angry, funny, sad, and hopeful memoirs, but the one thing they all have in common is that they all offer a six word glimpse into that messy, lovely, vibrant, indomitable, grace filled thing we call the human spirit.