monday moanin’

Last week my doc told me that I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. It wasn’t a big surprise because I’ve had symptoms for a long time; numbness, tingling, and pain in my hands when I get cold along with fingers that are always so naturally chilly I can dip them quickly into boiling water and nab a hot noodle to check it for doneness. I have to strap on two lovely wrist splints every night now (very sexy) and I’ll visit my massage therapist and see if she can open up the carpal tunnel and relieve some of the nerve compression. I’ve been doing more writing and photography in the past few months, and even though I try to use good posture and support my wrists, I think that the added time at the computer has made things worse.

And here’s where the moanin’ part comes in. My body has disappointed me plenty over the years and I’m more than a little annoyed that it’s up to its old tricks again. I’ve dealt with chronic illness on and off since I was in my twenties and I’ve had to rearrange my dreams and goals many times to accommodate and care for the whims of this rather needy little body that I was born into. Living with chronic health problems has forced me to lead a more balanced life (which is a good thing), it has taken me on a journey that has taught me the value of self-acceptance, hope, and resilience (also good), but enough is enough already! So take note body, this is war, I absolutely positively refuse to give up any more territory to illness!

Oh, and that photo up yonder was taken just this morning, the sun actually came out today! The wind chill is 10 below zero but that’s okay, we are sooo sun starved here in Michigan this winter we’ll take it any way we can get it:)

My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass. ~Leslie Grimutter

food glorious food

When I tell people I have to eat totally gluten-free they look at me with such sympathy you’d have thought I just told them I had to have my right foot cut off! While I may not be able to pick up the phone and order a double cheese pepperoni pizza anymore (my arteries are breathing a huge sigh of relief), there are still plenty of not-so-great-for-you-but-tasty-carbs that I can chow down on. I recently tried the poppy seed bagels that Glutino makes and they are now a yummy addition to my morning breakfast menu. Last week at book club a friend gave me an article she had clipped from our local paper. The cake shop I’ve always ordered cakes from (for “normal” family members) has started making gluten-free desserts. One of their customers simply asked, and just like that, they are now in the GF baking business. This has taught me two things, 1) Speak up, people are often more than happy to oblige those of us with diet restrictions, and 2) I have such thoughtful friends, thanks for thinking of me and passing along the article Sandy!

munch on

Looking for a healthy snack to munch on while curled up with your favorite book this weekend or watching the Oscars? Lesser Evil is a snack food company that makes yummy treats that have no trans-fatty acids, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors and they are gluten-free. I recently tried (and devoured) a box of their KettleCorn. Okay, maybe a handful of carrot sticks would be a healthier snack, but come on, it’s not snacking if there aren’t a few calories involved!