wordless wednesday

Photovisi is a free online collage maker. You can download your collage after you create it in various sizes and use it for your desktop wallpaper. As you can see, I’ve been busy taking photos of herbs for my iStock account! See other Wordless Wednesday participants here.

18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    • It’s actually not software, all online so no downloads (other than your collage after you make it) are necessary!

  1. Wow, what gorgeous photos! They don’t even look real they’re so perfect.

    Congrats on your grandbaby-to-be! You should enter my contest on behalf of your son and daughter-in-law!


  2. What lovely photos – so crisp and vibrant. Thanks for stopping by and reccomending iStock. I actually submitted an application just a few days ago, hoping to hear back soon!

  3. Beautiful collage. You always find the neatest toys on the internet.

    Did you grow the herbs? They’re very pretty and healthy looking.

    • I bought them and I’m going to plant them when their photo shoot is done, which is today actually, I’m herbed out!

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