skywatch friday

I took the photo above on the patio this morning. We’re in store for another beautiful spring day around here. Yesterday, Meagan and I had fun shopping at garage sales and a resale shop for Brooklyn. I must say, that’s the way to go, especially for toys and clothes that they grow out of so quickly. It’s starting to seem real for all of us, that this new little soul is going to come into our lives very soon. And yet we often seem to add, “if everything goes all right” at the end of a sentence when talking about the baby and the future. We’ve tried to stop feeling that way, tried to assume that everything will be fine this time, but I think the truth is we are all balancing precariously on our own individual emotional tightropes. Going through each day eating, talking, working, pretending everything is okay all the while afraid deep down that one more heartbreak may be one more too many. Sometimes I worry that we need this little girl too much, is it really fair to expect one small baby to heal so many bruised and battered grownup hearts? Then again, maybe we’re already falling. Maybe we’ve been falling since we lost my mom and baby Kiley, maybe the moment we hold Brooklyn for the first time each of us will finally find that soft place to land.

Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven. ~Henry Ward Beecher

16 thoughts on “skywatch friday

  1. The things is… this little girl WILL heal the bruised and battered hearts and I can’t wait for that to happen. This is such a special time. I’m so excited for you and your family.

  2. Hi Lilli, Great photo–and colorful flowers.

    I’m happy for you and your family. The ‘upcoming’ little one will bring so much JOY to all of you.


  3. That’s a great photo in it’s simplicity.

    Simply enjoy your miracle when she gets here and don’t expect a her to heal a world she had nothing to do with. Only God can do that. I will be praying for you.

  4. So vibrant and beautiful!

    We had beautiful weather yesterday too and today which was a great bonus for the weekend!

  5. What is it about daisies that brings such hope?
    Wonderful shot BB.
    We all need a soft place to fall.

    I think Brooklyn(love that name!) will be just that, a soft place to fall. Just don’t let her know you need her to be ‘that.’


  6. hey Bookbabie, a wonderful post. I think the baby will make you laugh and goo … (those little baby smiles are heart clearing) more healing by snuggling… but eventually you’ll let the girl become herself.

    my sister is counting down the days…

  7. is that flower growing in your yard? those confounded gerbera daisies are elusive in my garden. i finally got some to come back this year! lovely photo and a great composition 🙂

  8. The new baby will bring great joy – of that I am sure. But grief stricken hearts heal in their own time and no amount of hurrying them along, will make it happen faster.

  9. Wow, I must admit that it is hard for me to visit your site with this count down on the way. As you know, I know the agony of the wait. The relief of a healthy baby is awesome but truly begins the journey of motherhood where the worry for your child is on going. I have every finger and toe crossed for a happy ending!

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