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I read about the plug-in Cooliris this weekend in the New York Times and decided to try it out. Cooliris is a new way to browse the web using images that scroll on a 3D Wall as you click and move your mouse around. I did the screen capture above after searching for “bookbabie”.  I had no problems downloading and running the program for my browser, Firefox, and the best thing is it’s free! They sneak in ads on the wall here and there to pay for the technology but it’s no biggie because unless you click on them they don’t run. Click on the photo or the text link and experience a fun and futuristic way to explore the web!

Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be. ~Kahlil Gibran

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  1. Sorry soulbrush, I’m not a techie myself, really, so don’t be intimidated! A plug-in is a program that a company develops to work with another company’s program. In this case, it’s a program you add on, or plug-in to your web browser (which is probably Explorer or Firefox). You just download it, it knows where to go and starts to work:)

  2. Ive recently found this site and think it’s really cool! i have a page on wordpress and really want to try to embed cooliris in my post. have you had any luck with this? they have a plug-in that you need from their website, but im having difficulty. let me know if you try it or have any luck! thanks!

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