“breezy” wordless wednesday

The website Illustration Friday gives people a topic every week and you illustrate it using any medium. It’s designed to jump start creativity at any and all skill levels. I started doing it because I was in a long term creative funk and it really helped get those juices flowing again. As my mom got sicker, and I got busier with my iStock photography, I stopped participating. Yesterday I felt like doing something just for fun and did another George collage. I’ve done a whole series about you-know-who on my Tales of George blog. Okay, no more words, this is Wordless Wednesday afterall 🙂

10 thoughts on ““breezy” wordless wednesday

  1. How Creative, Lilli…. My George says that he wants his ‘cut’ from HIS blog profits… ha ha


  2. How cute! I like the bird on the paper airplane. I remember cutting out different pictures from various magazines and making collages. A fun way to get the creativity going, for sure. 🙂

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