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People have been drawing on walls since ancient times and today many graffiti artists have crossed over into making a living off their art. Keith Haring was a famous artist who began his career drawing on advertising boards in the subway. His foundation has a fun website for kids (of all ages!) where you can play games (like Hangman) or draw your own graffiti. Sticking with the Detroit theme I have going, this week’s WW photo is of some cool graffiti on a wall downtown. See other Wordless Wednesday participants here.

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  1. I have a degree in ancient Egyptian History (yes, very useful in business…) and I remember during a tour in the early 90’s, getting inside the Khufu’s pyramid at Giza and seeing 4500 year old graffiti from the pyramid builders.
    Graffiti draws humans like no other art…it is all the more amazing because it seems like something anyone could do, it is so impermanent and yet so…well…interesting. I think it especially appeals to the modern mind, especially of the MTV generation.

  2. Wow! Some of those kids have so much talent! I grew up in NYC and around the corner from us they would change the mural every week it was always so interesting!

  3. I’ve seen some really neat graffiti. Some cities, though, won’t allow it because of gangs. I read of one guy who started out on railcars with his graffiti. He wanted his art to travel. There are some true artists, though, from graffiti art.

  4. I guess graffiti artists are walking a fine line. I too appreciate the colorful pictures, but I can understand that property owners do not want their canvases smeared.
    Thanks for sharing this excellent photograph.

  5. I saw an episode of Huell Howser where graffiti artists.. who used to tag in relation to their gang affiliation, were encouraged to use their talent towards a graphich arts program hosted by a local trade school.

    These guys were so incredibly talented and when they found out that they could continue with their art and actually be paid for it, their lives were completely turned around. It was very inspiring.

  6. Hi Lilli, Artists have to start somewhere… The real artists do go on to bigger and better… AND–some graffiti art work is VERY VERY good…

  7. Yeah, I will travel anywhere out of KS to clean junk drawers!!!

    Interesting graffiti, much better than what we see around here.

  8. What beautiful work. Last summer I took my kids downtown to the local mini-farmers market. It was hard trying to explain to them the difference between vandalism and graffiti, lol

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  9. It has been interesting to see how graffiti, long considered vandalism, become so mainstream.

    Cool composition.

  10. Love the graffiti– Lately I’ve been into doing engagement shoots with graffiti– such cool contrast!

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