Illustration Friday:Contagious

This weeks Illustration Friday topic is Contagious. With the whole Swine Flu epidemic in the news so much this past month I couldn’t help but wonder how George was dealing with it. As you can see, he is somewhat concerned. And who can blame him, with his busy schedule he doesn’t have time to get sick!

12 thoughts on “Illustration Friday:Contagious

  1. yahoo, it’s great to see George again and he doesn’t look a day older:) although it’s kinds hard to tell with that mask but better safe than sorry!

  2. Good composition and perfect for the topic!

    And thanks for passing by my blog! nice to know your opinion! you’re really welcome!


  3. Looks as if he should be more concerned about bird flu πŸ˜›

    This is a nice area we live in but we’re moving back east in June. Now I’ll post sunrises as opposed to sunsets πŸ˜‰

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