december daydream

faceinhole I’ve been working out lately and I’m rather proud of the results. I mean, not bad for almost fifty, right? Okay whatever, I really just ran across another website that is a complete waste of time (but kinda fun!). I’m thinking about sending this one to George. Roll back the calendar a couple of decades, throw in a few hair weaves, and I may actually be able to pull this look off;)

7 thoughts on “december daydream

  1. u are so funny

    i would rather play in the snow from your last post, get all buggered up in mittens and a hat till my nose ran down my face like a ten year old!

  2. The photo stopped the scroll of my reader cold. I think a web site might be my only option. I just hope I have a digital photo of my face to make the whole thing believeable. 🙂 Pappy

  3. Hi, bookbabie! You and Pappy once sent me a game which I enjoyed, and now I’m sending you a quiz(if you’d like to play). It’s how well you know classic fiction titles, and the answers are multiple choice. It’s on my site, and I’ll be posting the answers in a few days. Merry Christmas! Jade

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