inspire me

I haven’t posted a generator in a while, or a Clooney pic, so here’s two for the price of one! Big Huge Labs has a fun photo generator that let’s you make motivational posters with your own photographs. It’s easy to use and you can link directly to your Flickr or Photobucket stream for fast and easy creations and saving. The quality is good enough that you may want to print them out and tack them up over your desk for inspiration. Click on either of my creations for the link and go have yourself some fun:)

9 thoughts on “inspire me

  1. Hi, I started this one time and had to scroll back a few pages to pick up a blog address. Thanks for the photo/poster link. I’ll take a look at that this evening. Jadesmith, blogging as; has entered the melee with a six word memoir. I noticed she linked to me for the unabridged rules, so I am linking to you. Have a great day.

  2. I spent the other evening watching all your Cloonys on youtube, most enjoyable, he’s so funny , is he still single, it is leap year after all:)

    • Julie, thanks for andidg the scoring element. I updated the SlickQuiz plug in tonight. When I shift to keep the scores, I lose the quiz from my page in IE. I know earlier that was related to a share feature in Jetpack; however, I have that disabled. Any thoughts on what I can do?Also, is there a way to capture an email address along with the name?Btw, I’m getting great feedback on the quiz I have posted. Thank you for making that possible.

  3. George Clooney is easy on the eyes.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I had a blog titled Inpsire Me a few weeks ago too, but my topic was different.
    Have a great day

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