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clematissmall2I was listening to the Mumford & Son’s song the other day Ghosts That We Knew and at one point I heard the line, “…you saw no fault no cracks in my heart, and you knelt beside my hope torn apart.” For some reason those words really touched me. They seemed to sum up in such a visually poignant way what we all want and need from the people closest to us; our partners and parents, our children and siblings, those we call our friends. We want to know that someone will look beyond our failings and still love us, will look past the cracks and still love us, will kneel beside our brokenness and still love us when we need them most.

I’m lucky to have my husband Doug beside me still as we celebrate 34 years of marriage this week and that is my Wednesday wish for you–that you know the joy and blessing of a love that is quiet and kind and constant.

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17 thoughts on “wednesday wish

  1. Oh wow… I love how vibrant the Fuschia is on that Clematis. Your words are absolutely correct and too be honest actually kinda brought a tear to my eyes. It’s sad though that it’s not just with our loved ones but in everyday society all anyone ever wants is just to be accepted for who they are.

  2. Happy Anniversary! 34 years is something to be very proud of — it takes work to make a marriage work and last. But oh it is worth it to have someone you love to share all of life with — the good times and the bad. The good times are just so much better when you have a friend to share them with. Hope you have at least another 34 together!

  3. Thanks for liking my blog post. It has been awhile since some new has stopped by. I have only been blogging since February and I am still learning the tricks to increase my visibility. Your site is great, pictures too. Have a great weekend!


  4. Hi Lilli, It’s GREAT to hear from you. I think of you often –and know that you don’t blog much anymore. How are you feeling? Hope you have been able to get more energy lately –and gain some weight. I have always had the opposite problem—trying to get the weight off. I finally reached my goal about a year ago –and have “held” it this year. That’s quite an achievement for me… Love and PRAYERS for your health.

    Love that quote also. We ALL want to be loved regardless of how ‘broken’ we may be…. God Bless You, Sweet Lilli.


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