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I started a YouTube account recently and learned how to take and upload videos, look out Mr. Spielberg, bookbabie is now in the movie business! My first “film” is about our pet squirrel. Well, maybe he’s not exactly a pet, we don’t walk him on a leash or let him sleep at the foot of our bed. But for the moment he does satisfy our need to have a cute, fuzzy little creature around. When our dog died last year we decided to go pet-free for a while so we’d have the freedom to do some traveling. Unfortunately, the economy immediately tanked and we’ve since tightened our belts resulting in vanishing travel itineraries which gives us plenty of time to play with our video camera and risk disease by hand feeding peanuts to overgrown bushy tailed rodents 🙂

Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. ~George Eliot

10 thoughts on “best of youtube

  1. Very nice. The sound track with the birds singing and the gentle crunch of peanut shells could be a new background tape for relaxing. I was wondering if handling the peanuts was your source of disease concern after recent health warnings. I then read the post script and understood it was the fear of rabies. Just because they have foam around their mouths doesn’t mean they’re infected. It could mean they forgot to rinse after brushing. Pappy

  2. How cute!! You need to name your little friend. I love the caption too BTW.

    I have been meaning to play with You Tube myself haven’t found the time yet.

  3. I’ve read a Weiner book in the past but I can’t recall the name of it but I do remember the story. I’m glad to see this one on your sidebar, I forgot about her.
    I’ll have to go get it. She was fun to read.
    cute squirrel

  4. Very nice, Lillie. Your first try at making movies is VERY good…. Shall I call Spielberg and tell him you are ready to be his partner?????????


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