the climb

I haven’t paid much attention to Miley Cyrus or the whole Hannah Montana movement, but I came across this video of one of her new songs and really liked it.  Good song, good message, and so far she seems to be a good kid who hasn’t been corrupted by the fame game (yet!). Another plus is it’s kind of uplifting, which I could really use. I’ve been dragging lately and I’m not sure why. I’m not sleeping great, having a lot of dumb, stress-filled dreams that seem to leave me more tired when I wake up than when I go to bed, overall I’m just feeling a bit gutted. Oh well, spring is right around the corner and it will probably do this body good to get outside and into the garden.

5 thoughts on “the climb

  1. Thanks for posting this. This song has a great message, one every artist can identify with. She was impressive at the Grammies – poised beyond her years. She doesn’t have far to climb!
    I’ve been feeling a lot of what you have, too – maybe frustrated with my own slow climb. Maybe it’s the long winter, too. Here’s hoping Spring will bring good things for us all.

  2. Hey, I’m trying the new Google Chrome browser. I sure like it so far. We all struggle with those thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we just have to pretend we are already there to fool our psyches. Pappy

  3. My little one is a fan of Miley’s and I just love this song. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the movie. We were lucky enough to see her coming out of a restaurant once and she was very friendly. That made me happy. My little girl was speechless.

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