more robert downey Jr.

On his nomination for best supporting actor for his comedic role in the movie Tropic Thunder: “It’s about time narcissistic, accolade-seeking idiotic actors were formally recognized,” deadpans Downey, speaking from the Brooklyn, New York set of Sherlock Holmes. “It’s been a long, hard road for us.”

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18 thoughts on “more robert downey Jr.

  1. Lilli—You don’t like this guy at all, do you???? ha ha

    I like him too!!!!
    Check out my blog today if you haven’t done so. I wrote about Right Brain-Left Brain…

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  3. Care sent me over…and I must say, I just love Robert Downey Jr. .. and I love him even more after reading this post. I’m so glad he’s gotten himself together.

    • know many other people besdies myself that think Robert got what he deserved. But he went to jail, he doesnt do drugs anymore. Blahblahblah. Etc etc. It’s not because he’s sexy (which he is, dont get me wrong) but people respect him for going into it at the bottom and coming out at the top. I hope he’s better now and continues to star in epic movies. The end.

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