soul sisters

Julie and me, 1970

At my mom’s memorial two weeks ago my cousin Julie and I found a quiet corner in the living room and talked for a long time about aging parents. She was worried about her own mother and wondering what is was like for me having to say goodbye to my mom. Julie and I were very close growing up, more like sisters at times than cousins. Yesterday my aunt called to tell me that Julie’s husband Rick Bach died suddenly Monday night of a massive heart attack. Me and Mr. B  just got home from the service. The chapel was packed with friends and family who spoke lovingly of Rick and his passion for life and sports, one of The Four Tops sang a beautiful a capella song, and my little cousin Jules is simply crushed. Before she left the day of my mom’s party we all promised to get together soon for dinner and Julie gave me a CD of a band that records at the studio she manages. I found one of their videos on youtube, hope you enjoy it.

7 thoughts on “soul sisters

  1. I’m so sorry for your cousins loss and yours. Hopefully the words you shared with her concerning your mother will be able to help her somehow.

    I wish I could fedex a hug to you right now. I would…

  2. Gosh……I am so sorry…..but I really thank you for posting this beautiful song……I needed a little reminder to call one of my Soul sisters tonight…thank you.

  3. Oh Lilli, so much loss! It’s been a while since I’ve visited your blog. I’m sending prayers and much light for a life-affirming New Year! Warm blessings to you and your family,

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