spring wildflowers

Every spring I can see these white wildflowers blooming in the commons behind my house. This year I walked out and photographed them so I could find out what they were. I discovered a great web site for identifying wildflowers, My Wildflowers.com where I figured out that they are Sanguinaria canadensis, commonly known as Bloodroot. Turns out they produce a rather nasty toxin called Sanguinarine, which interestingly enough the FDA has approved for use in toothpaste as an anti-plaque, antibacterial agent. Hmm, think I’ll run up to the health food store and get me some Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste.

We are all trying to stay busy around here, trying not to live completely in our heads and reliving the pain of the past week, yet leaving ourselves time to honor our sadness too. The baby was due a week before my birthday on September 7th, which this year also happens to be Grandparent’s Day. Our lovely daughter-in-law’s birthday is coming up soon and me and Mr. bookbabie decided to take the kids on a short trip, we all feel like we need to get away.

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

9 thoughts on “spring wildflowers

  1. Such pretty little flowers. Yet toxic. I think I may switch toothpastes, too.

    I hope you have an enjoyable trip and that it brings about some healing for all of you.

  2. This is a beautiful picture! I have never seen this kind of flower. Very pretty.

    I like your idea of a trip. I hope you all have a great time!

  3. Beautiful photo!
    i’m glad you are finding ways to deal with your sorrows–i mean, obviously i cannot compare my doggy with your grandbaby, but sometimes grief hits so hard. You sound wise in your choices…

  4. I think that love and grief are love and grief Julia, no matter where they come from they are the same emotions. They have the same ability to lift you up and pull you down. Sometimes life is just plain hard and all you can do is keeping moving and hope for better days.

  5. I love your “poison” flowers–they’re like a mysterious metaphor to the hidden possibles in beauty.

    I’ve been trying to lend my attention lately to “grief” with love and purpose; not to turn away from it (out of fear or desire to deny it). (as if anyone could). Its so so hard sometimes. My brother is weakening, and i begin to see he was my childhood, is so much of me. There is a lot of learning in there, and pain, then..i look up and its Spring.

    Peace and Love to you and your family. Enjoy the vacation.

  6. I’m sorry for the loss of your new beginning. It’s a place I have personally visited and acceptance comes, but it is a hard ride. My best wishes.

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