artful thursday


This is a painting of my husband’s family, the baby in the dress is his grandfather. I did it from an old family photograph adding the blue sky in the background to lighten up the solemn look of the family. Still trying to find my muse and get back to painting…any ideas on how to get unstuck?

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  1. Bookbabie, nice painting. People are always a challenge. You did a good job. I hope you find your muse and post the new painting for all of us to see!

  2. I really like this – the colours are beautiful and the smooth solemn faces. It reminds me a little of a … what is the style called? Not quite naive – something like Friday Kahlo. And also of a beautiful book illustration.

    Getting unstuck? I don’t know. With drawing, I do it everyday and then at least if I’m not going forward I’m not going backwards, either.

  3. I’m a writer bookbabie and when I get stuck I go outside and go for a walk or work in the garden. Don’t pressure yourself to create, do something totally different!

  4. Get out the canvas and paint. Paint anything, just paint. Like in writing, the muse is often lurking in the words (any words). I have several family portraits from the early days of photography and the subjects all look like they just came from a funeral. Have a great weekend.

  5. Good advice everyone, thanks. Perhaps a brisk walk then I’ll break out the paints and just have some fun with it and see what happens:)

  6. are you stuck? i look at this and think you are flowing… 🙂 if i could paint like that i would be bragging.

    I love the wooden panel like boxiness of the long dress on right. It makes me think how things have “loosened” up in our culture. For girls especially.

    This line, “the baby in the dress is his grandfather” struck me like poetry–the baby of baby … we are all still babies growing up sometimes, and the world is old, but so young. we sit on its lap… wondering… who and what am i.

    Thanks for sending the love. Peace.

  7. What about curling one side of all their lips? Hhehheee – beautiful painting and it doesn’t look unfinished to me 😉

  8. What an awesome painting, bookbabie – it’s got a real modern edge to it, which is really hard to capture for a lot of artists. I love the fact that the subject is old (old photo) and the style is new. You’ve melded the two perfectly. I hope you are able to get back into painting again. (I’d like to as well, but it’s so hard to get ‘in the groove’ again.)

  9. You have been “tagged.” I was tagged today and decided to participate. The advantage of this tagging is to send more people to your site. It’s okay if you choose not to participate. I have seen your site and I love your art and writings, I thought it would be nice if people would see it too.

  10. great work, i love your style. This truly is a beautiful piece of art.

    adding a bit more reflection to their eyes and adding a lighter tone to their skin might give a little more life to the people.

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