signs of spring

The last few days have been lovely here in Michigan. We’ve had lots of golden sunshine and warm temperatures, it felt soo good after such a long, snowy winter. The other day I spotted that photo of the cranes on flickr leech and I don’t know why but it just made me really happy! I’m posting it with permission from Kishore. I just thought of a fun game. Click on the flickr leech link (you have to click the Go button next to the date when you get there to get the pics), click on a photo that represents spring to you (or one that just makes you smile), then copy and paste the web address as a link in your comment. I can’t wait to see what inspires y’all! I’ll do one too just to start us out:)

I realized that if I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes. ~Charles Lindbergh

15 thoughts on “signs of spring

  1. Yea!, I told you. I told you. Didn’t I tell you? Just to sit tight and Spring would eventually come. I guess next time you’ll listen.

  2. Who took my picture? I went to a lot of trouble to create just the right effect and now it’s missing. I’ll need to check my other comments to see if it’s missing there also.

  3. I noticed that Sarah has listed one of my favorite photos from my photostream so just wanted to say thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

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