artsy fartsy monday

One of my favorite browsing and shopping sites,, has a fun on-line version of Paintbrush. You paint a picture and when you’re finished you watch as a video replays everything you did, very cool. You can then view it in a mock-up art gallery and they will add it to their collection. My painting is done with my mouse, not very fancy but fun to do. I just ordered a Wacom tablet so I can learn to do more intricate graphic designs (I hope) like the ones I see on the Illustration Friday site. I’m not giving up on my “Story of George” collages though, no matter how tricky I become with the pen and tablet!

Click here to make your own masterpiece!

3 thoughts on “artsy fartsy monday

  1. I’ve just tried out and you’re right it is great fun but even with my Wacom tablet I found it hard to control the paint brush for any detailed stuff and now I’ve lost my masterpiece cause I didn’t email it to anybody or something.
    Anyway it’s a brilliant idea for sending cards over the net, nice find.

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