find the pooch

I’ve been attempting to make a dent in this huge mulch pile. To show you how big it is (so you can feel really sorry for me) I put my gigantic Irish Wolfhound, Nikki, on the pile for perspective. As you can see I will probably be shoveling mulch for the next month, poor bookbabie, her little hands are already calloused and raw. Okay, back to work, blog break is over…

4 thoughts on “find the pooch

    • Mulching is not a black and white timing issue. Typically one muhlecs once or twice a year (winter and spring) as a soil amendment to enhance the soil. Leaving room in a pot for this makes sense.If it’s a new pot and you built up good soil in it, you may not need any mulch for a while.However, another great use of mulch is as a ground cover to prevent weeds and water evaporation. With this hot weather, that may help you use less water and protect your plants from overheating. However, many muhlecs are very high in uncomposted nitrogens and adding too much, especially to a pot, stresses your plants as all the microorganisms have to deal with breaking down all the nitrogen and can’t play their normal role in the soil. Solution? Don’t add too much just an inch or so.References :

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