hope blooms

These are flower photos I took and edited with my iPhone4S. I’m continually amazed at technology, at the way it not only links us to friends, family and people around the world, but also how it allows us to be creative in new and fascinating ways. Over the past few months I’ve been having some health problems and as a result the ability to connect and create with minimal exertion on sites like Facebook and Instagram has helped me feel like I’m at least somewhat still a part the “big picture” of my currently slightly diminished life.

As anyone who has been sick for a long time or suffers from a chronic illness can tell you, going to doctors, being poked and prodded and tested week after week, waiting for results and that elusive magic pill that will turn things around can be very isolating and discouraging. You feel like your body has betrayed you. You see the color and energy of life moving swiftly by all around you, without you, and sometimes you’re afraid. Afraid you won’t get well, afraid you will but you won’t be able to regain your footing and find your place again in the ongoing drama of daily life. But perhaps what you fear most is that it doesn’t matter either way. Because whether we are sick or well, productive or weary, sad or joyful, we all so want it to matter. We want to matter.

I’m happy that I can say I do feel better this month compared to last so perhaps there is a light at the end of this gloomy weight-loss-tummy-ache-tunnel. In the meantime I will keep my skinny butt moving toward that light with a little help from my docs, the love of a caring husband, the beauty of the flowers in my garden, a dash of patience, a sprinkle of hope, and last but not least…a pretty pink iPhone in the palm of my hand.

“Imagination is the true magic carpet.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

9 thoughts on “hope blooms

  1. Sending you healing thoughts and get well wishes. Your images are stunning, particularly the daisy (?) with the water droplets. I can *almost* smell the rose. 🙂

  2. I am so glad to see that you are back! I do hope you continue to feel better with each day and don’t give up hope. Those beautiful flowers need you to care for them and to photograph them so beautifully to share with the rest of us.

    BTW, I finally finished your book and I loved it! Probably loved it even more than most because I grew up in Michigan and it stirred up such great memories! Now please get feeling better and write another one!

  3. I hope the healing continues and that you’re back to feeling hale and healthy soon. Your flowers are beautiful. 🙂

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