memory thief

This is a photo of the oldest, dearest man in my life, my dad, and the newest, sweetest boy in my life, my little grandson taken two weeks ago at Ashton’s 1st birthday party. This is why I fell in love with photography when I was just a teenager. Because a photograph is never just a photograph. The light and shadows of an image hold the mercy and vulnerability of life itself, the beginning and the end, a single breath—in one hundredth of a second the shutter is released and a secret is revealed. Sometimes I think it’s almost selfish, the way the camera allows us to capture a moment like this, snatch it right out of thin air before it disappears forever in a stream of faded memory. And yet…this is why I fell in love with photography when I was just a teenager.

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16 thoughts on “memory thief

  1. Fantastic capture! Beautiful light and contrast. Love the photo and your post. You are so right through photographs we can preserve the precious moments that make life special.

  2. Oh my gracious, this is just so precious! They are truly connecting. I love the fact that your grandson has his hand on his great-grandad’s knee. His body language appears that he is really interested in what great-grandad has to say.

  3. That is a precious image indeed. So amazing to catch a moment like that. It’s one I’m sure you will always treasure.

  4. You have such a gift — both with your camera and with your words! You can just feel the love that is passing between them.

  5. What a wonderful shot! I love taking photos of the multiple generations in our family. We have my mom, three kids, 5 grandkids and 5 great grand sons. Some of us don’t get together often, but I always try and get pics with my Mom.
    Thanks for stopping by last week. I’m late in getting to commenting!
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