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Thinking about my mom a lot this week as I celebrate my fiftieth birthday today and approach the first anniversary of her passing at the end of the month. Love Josh Groban’s voice and this beautiful song has certainly taken on new meaning for me, enjoy!

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. ~Lucille Ball

7 thoughts on “best of youtube

  1. Happy Birthday Lilli (and Kaye)… You two are just young chickens… Just wait til you are 67… Life just keeps getting BETTER.

    Love that Josh Groban song. Made me weep uncontrollably.

  2. Sorry it’s belated ~ but happy birthday beautiful lady! 50 is a great age.

    Two of my deaest frineds in the world died of cancer just before they were 50 ~so enjoy every second of your wonderful life. Life is a gift we don’t all get.

    Hugs re your Mom. Beautiful song. I know you will be feeling sad. Sorry. I bet she’s smiling on you.

    Home from hospital last night ~ will post update later today (same password as last post).

    Typing in bed lying down so a bit weird!


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