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This is Jake. A couple of times each summer, Jake comes over with our friends Ann and Shirley and he goes for a swim in our pool. He has trained us humans to throw a ball into the water and he swims out after it – we repeat this drill over and over again. We love to watch Jake chase his yellow tennis ball because he does it with such complete joy and abandon. When I go in the pool it has to be warm enough. I try not to get my hair wet because I don’t want it to get frizzy and I’m afraid the chlorine will turn my expensive highlights green. I don’t really have a bathing suit I like, you know, that elusive swim suit that makes me look ten pounds slimmer and ten years younger? I want to be like Jake. I want to jump into the pool and enjoy the feeling of the cold refreshing water as it washes over me. I don’t want to worry about my hair or what I’m wearing or how my body looks. I guess what I’m saying is I want to live like a dog, content with the simple delights that each moment brings, unaware of the past and unafraid of the future. Hmm, maybe the next time we’re sitting out by the pool I’ll have Mr. bookbabie toss a jar of Sanders Hot Fudge Topping into the deep end and we’ll see what happens;)

I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures we might be if we weren’t certain we knew better. ~George Bird Evans
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21 thoughts on “dog’s life

  1. Cute Doggie. He has pretty eyes. Yes, we all need to be more like Jake—and not have to worry so much about our ‘looks’…..

    Hmmmm—I’ll bet I’d jump in for that topping if Mr. Bookbabie threw it into the deep end. Forget the hair!!!! ha ha


  2. I totally agree… I love to watch dogs or other animals swim. Very free and happy looking.

    Great photos. Beautiful pooch.

  3. Look at that sweetie!! Love his chocolate brown eyes. Very appropriate given the end of your post. I’d jump for that sauce.

  4. Oh! Jake is adorable! I love the color combo in these pictures too. very nice. Here it’s so hot I just jump right in! 🙂

  5. These are awesome. How soulful Jake looks. The colors in these photos are striking. Love it.

  6. Yes, it would be a good way to live. It’s such a pity we are all so hard on ourselves and feel disappointed when we don’t make our own self imposed grade (usually formed from public opinion on TV and in magazines and advertising).

    Strangely, I do think there is a liberation that comes with old age. I’m not sure what age it is but there comes a time when people stop worrying and let it all hang out.

    I’ve never been quite sure whether the mind ceases to be capable of knowing that wearing purple socks with sandals and a skirt, ISN’T a good look (describing someone I saw yesrteday) or whether folk realise that looks don’t matter because the mind and soul are what are important.

    I’ll let you know If I reach that age!

    • “Strangely, I do think there is a liberation that comes with old age.” I hear 50 is a big turning point for many women, I’m reaching it in September so perhaps I’ll break out the purple socks and the green frizzy hair this fall!

  7. Beautiful shots of a beautiful dog.

    I agree it would be good not to worry or be conscious of the little things like vanity. While it does seem they have a good carefree life, I appreciate the humanness of emotions I am capable of experiencing. My sorrows make me appreciate my joys all the more.

  8. What great eyes – and I think we could all stand to be a little more like Jake!
    P.S. I’m looking for the same swimsuit…

  9. Love your photos and your write up. Liberation sounds nice. Think I will get me some red sweat pants and wear them high above my waist. I’ll sport a yellow button down polka – dot shirt and a green bow tie. Then I’ll ride around the neighborhood in a golf cart. Just don’t tell Anna.

    The dog’s eyes are out of this world good. Great photos.

  10. yes. i think it would be much better to be a dog than a cat.

    i’d get so tired maintaining that pained, bored expression of a good cat. i’d much rather run after balls and frisbees, and tinkle just about anywhere i pleased.

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