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Teaser Tuesday asks you to : Grab your current read, Open to a random page, Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page. Do you ever fall into a non-reading rut? I’ve been having a hard time getting into any books for quite awhile. I pick up a novel and start it but nothing really grabs and holds my attention. I know it’s not the fault of the books, my brain just feels “burned out”, if that makes any sense. When I thought about participating in Teaser Tuesday I looked around and saw my Frommer’s Montana & Wyoming tour book sitting next to my computer so that’s where I got my teaser from today. We’re thinking about going somewhere for my 50th birthday and I’ve decided that we need a vacation that is more about nature and renewal than a big city adventure like the one in Paris I was trying to plan. We’ve never been to Europe, and while we still plan to go someday, neither one of us feels like we have the energy (or the cash) to take that kind of trip right now so we may grab our cameras and head for the wide open spaces of America’s west instead!

Here’s my teaser: Grand Teton brags of its soaring mountain scenery; Arizona’s Grand Canyon flaunts its imposing expanses. But Yellowstone enchants with a more subtle beauty, hinting through its very diversity the changes undergone during a volatile, explosive past. As I was typing those two sentences it struck me that maybe I’m a little like Yellowstone. Maybe we all are. Life can be very challenging at times. Nobody gets through it without “stuff”, and some of that stuff is volatile and explosive and it changes us along with the simple passage of time itself. Our bodies get older, they sag a little here, ache a little there and as our past grows longer our list of sorrows grows too. Of course, so does our list of joys. The diversity of our experiences, the ups as well as the downs, truly are the stuff of life that make our lives both bountiful and beautiful.

Yellowstone Photo is by fellow iStocker Wallentine at iStockphoto.com🙂

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  1. Wonderful teaser, especially with your added thoughts! I would love to head west someday.

  2. I get in those ruts all the time–I am amazed at how some people can read all the time 🙂 My teaser is non-fiction as well. And I’m celebrating 50 years this year as well.

  3. I’m currently in a rut. I have three books partially read and don’t want to pick up any of them.

    Perhaps some time in wide-open spaces will move you out of the rut. I’m heading west soon, going someplace new to me, and hoping that some time in the mountains will clear my head (it’s another of my 50th birthday celebrations).

    This is a wonderful teaser. 🙂

  4. What a wonderful teaser for today. Aren’t we all a little like Yellowstone, indeed.

  5. That is a GREAT teaser!! I agree with you about being like Yellowstone…as I get older, life is more of a series of ups and downs (lately more downs than ups) and sometimes I think “If only I were little again!” 🙂

  6. the west is good, open space … New Mexico and Arizona (the heat, the sky seems sloped downward, healing) and the Grand Canyon, so expansive–took a lot of stuff out of me once.

    i can’t read a lot of novels, they just seem so full of words… LOL. Some poetry might satisfy for a small short contemplation. Foot rubs help ; )

  7. Great photos; great writer; great blog. I’m happy to find you. Thanks for stopping by Monastery Daily Photo.

    Enjoy some travel in the good ole U.S. It sounds great to me. My 50th is next year – it’s the new 40, haven’t you heard?

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