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Teaser Tuesday asks you to : Grab your current read, Open to a random page, Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page. That’s my first grandchild, baby Brooklyn, posing yesterday for her very first portrait! Meagan is having contractions and if the baby isn’t born on her own they will go to the hospital on Wednesday so the docs can help can get things moving along more quickly. When I picked up After This by Alice McDermott just now, the first (I so swear!) sentence I read was in the middle of page 33: Mary Keane watched her daughter and felt as well the punch and turn of the baby not yet born and saw the similarity of the mystery of them both – the baby unseen, moving and elbow or a foot, the means to an end all its own, unfathomable; her daughter with the unseen life playing like reflected light over her face, her lips moving in a conversation forever unheard.

12 thoughts on “teaser tuesdays

  1. How convenient. Great 4D picture. John Grisham’s , “The Associate” page 298.
    “Sure, Don’t you want him locked up?”
    “For life. But he has a vast network out there in the shadows.” Pappy

  2. Amazing teaser. It was meant to be for you.

    I can see a very beautiful and already loved baby in that picture. I am remembering the feelings I had with my first grandchild. Nothing compares to that and the first time you hold her.

  3. What a great quote… It seems surreal now to not feel that movement inside, but SO wonderful to be holding this new life in my arms. I can’t wait for you to be holding baby Brooklyn, and it sounds like that will happen very soon! 🙂

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