PhotoHunt Saturday: Creamy

This is the creamy white clematis, Henryi. I moved him last fall from the back of the yard to an arbor that gets more sun up by the deck. So far he seems much happier in his new home, not only does he get more light, but he’s also protected from the harsh winds that can blow through my yard. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about gardening over the years, it’s that you have to be willing to be flexible and change your plans, things don’t always work out quite the way you want them to in a garden.

A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself. ~ May Sarton

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11 thoughts on “PhotoHunt Saturday: Creamy

  1. Pretty flower! I have not gotten into gardening much in my yard, so I admire those who can make it happen.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Beautiful Clematis. I don’t have one in my garden but I want one. This variety would add a great bright creamy white to the garden. Perfect for this week’s theme.

  3. How beautiful! Yes, I learned this when I tried to plant astilbe in the flowerbed that got full morning sun.. it simply gave up the ghost. This year I planted again in a recessed area that gets only a short period of morning sun and mostly shade… they like it much better there. Mine is up here.

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