thursday challenge: sweet

At Thursday Challenge a theme is announced each week. You may either take a new photograph related in some way to the theme, or select one that you have taken previously. This week the theme is sweet. I thought about using one of my iStock pics of strawberries, but decided to go back in time and post a photo of my kids when they were little and oh so sweet! This is one of my favorite pics of them. They were playing in the backyard on a hot summer day, naked as can be, filling buckets with water and turning their sandbox into a lake. I suppose I have babies on the brain lately. Meagan is doing well and due in just two weeks. I bought a really cool little stroller to keep here at the house yesterday and the Fed Ex guy brought the Noah’s Ark toy box I ordered (which came in a million pieces so Mr. bookbabie will have to put it together this weekend!). I know Meagan is ready over at her house and the two grandmas-to-be are definitely ready too…now we just need us a baby to spoil:)

Sweet memories remind us of the roads we have traveled and the people we have loved. ~Flavia

13 thoughts on “thursday challenge: sweet

  1. That’s a beutiful pic and I’m betting that the memories that go with it are really special too.

    I have 2 teeny grandkids to spoil (and a third on the way) and it’s just gorgeous. But no one ever warns you that the love you feel for them is every bit as powerful as that which you feel for your own children. So having grandkids is utterly wonderful – and worrisome at the same time as you feel so protective towards them.

  2. Adorable little boys, Lilli. Love to see that gorgeous blonde hair. My youngest was a blonde–but it got darker as he grew.


  3. Natural is a good descriptor. They are adorable. I am spending more time with my grandkids than I ever got to spend with my kids. I’m loving it. Pappy

  4. i love the way he seems to be the protector or his “little” sister/self. i was journaling about those days of running around shirtless naked for water sports with the boys… and realizing at one point i couldn’t be that open anymore (i was a girl) (oops).

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