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the-reader-crowned-with-flowersNeed some help picking your next book? Go to this reader generated website, plug in one of your favorite books and get a list of similar books. The painting in this post is by the French painter, Jean-Baptiste-Camille. Looking at his work has gotten me thinking about taking one of the photos I did of Andy and Meagan and painting it. I seem to be “thinking” about going back to painting more and more lately, which is good I suppose, now I just need to put those thoughts into action! I still haven’t quite kicked the flu, it’s been over two weeks and I’m feeling a little frustrated. Luckily, I did a lot of the prep for Meagan’s baby shower earlier this month so I’m not stressing about the fast approaching May 3rd date. Meagan is feeling good and baby Brooklyn is over three pounds now so we are all counting our blessings and waiting for the day we can count her tiny fingers and toes!

3 thoughts on “tuesday tidbits

  1. So sorry you’ve been sick! It’s been too long since I have visited you! You have a new grandbaby on the way named Brooklyn? I have a granddaughter named Brooklyn also. She is 6 years old and lives far away from me. I hope you get to hold and kiss yours more than I do! I pray the birth goes well! Love the painting you posted. I need to get back to painting myself! (and wrting poetry!)

  2. oh i hope you are better by now.
    i love the name Brooklyn (i wish it were my name) and that doesnt happen often. Hmmm.

    i loved that humor sight from a few posts back too!

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