mosaic monday


I’ve never made a blessing journal but I’ve decided to make that my spring art project (she says looking out the window forlornly at the freakin’ snow!) and I think I’ll do it in the form of an altered book. If you’ve never seen one, an altered book is when an artist takes a book and turns it into a mixed media work of art. You do this with collage, paints, folding, glue, stamping…etc. There’s a set of altered books on flickr and this artist has a cool portfolio. They are sold in galleries or just used as personal journals or scrapebooks. I’ve never “violated” a book before like this, but I think it will be a good creative exercise for me. Click on the blessings poster if you want to make your own, happy spring, I guess I’ll go shovel the driveway now!

5 thoughts on “mosaic monday

  1. What a wonderful idea! We’ve been cleaning out our attic and I put aside a few of the old books because I liked the look and feel of them. I might follow your example.

  2. Funny… talking about Spring and shoveling your driveway in the same sentence!!! ha….

    Love your mosaic… We all need to Count our Blessings ALL of the time, don’t we????

    Have a great day..

    Let’s hope for no damage here the next couple of days due to the upcoming freeze.

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