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Today’s word on Photo Friday is Exercise, something I should do more often. Still, the little yoga and stretching I do works wonders on keeping the aches and pains of Fibromyalgia and old(er) age from taking over. My birthday is in two weeks and this one will herald my final year in my forties. The idea of aging has never really bothered me since there’s really only one alternative! I think having lived a good part of my life dealing with health problems has given me a different perspective than some of my friends, I know first hand that how old you are in years doesn’t really matter, it’s how you feel. My mom seems to be a bit better as she settles into the nursing home for some rehab. The goal is to get her strong enough to go home. If she rallies that’s the plan, if not, we may have to begin hospice care 😦

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. ~Albert Schweitzer

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  1. Beautiful picture! I am also entering my last year of the 40’s in two weeks (9/15). Exercise is an important to me too, but I scarcely ever do anything structured like yoga or tai chi–perhaps I will delve into those areas in this year.

  2. I feel the same way about life. Dealing with health issues forces you to look at aging a bit differently doesn’t it? I turn 40 next week and I am dealing with Lupus and RA so I hear you on the Fibromyalgia.

  3. I’m turning 50 this year and have learned pretty much the same lesson. Exercise is what keeps me moving these days.

    Beautiful photo. 🙂

  4. I am thrilled you posted this; am having similiar conversations with myself and my brother (who is ill); we never know beyond this moment when the gears will wear down (as is happening to my beagle). You look great and I see the tree beside you and think, we are that old, we drink with the roots of an eternity we half glimpse.

    Sept is my birthday month too. Happy Birthday.

  5. “it takes a loss before you found it” -Jason Mraz

    Perspective is always great, though gaining it is sometimes not so great. I am like you and don’t take many things for granted…especially health.

    You look wonderful and I hope the birthday is a great one!

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  7. Moved by your photo, I continued to read your website: loved your did-it-yourself story there. It is definitely a beautiful website!

    Continued to check out your Gallery and could not help felling love with those paintings too!

    Admire your beautiful work, and your attitude dealing with illness. Hope we have a chance to meet in person someday.

  8. Staying in good condition is very beneficial. You don’t need to run marathons to be in good condition. I wish more people would realize this and maybe exercise would be less daunting for them.

    I’m glad your mom is doing ok. I hope she can get well enough to come home.

  9. thanks for your lovely comment on my photo. I did yoga once and was thrilled that despite my size I had very good balance compared to others in the class – lower center of gravity perhaps? I’ve been doing a ton of walking which as I live in a city built on 7 hills hopefully is keeping me fit !

  10. A beautiful photo with extraordinary lighting. Keep up the good work with the yoga, and I hope your mother recovers and comes home for you. Now I should go and get some exercise in for myself!

  11. Love the photo. My birthday is the 15th and it will be my final year in my 50’s.

    I really love the final quote! How true!

    Happy Birthday!

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