wordless wednesday

Wordless Wednesday contribution this week is one of my recent doodles. We’re taking mom from the hospital to an extended care facility today to see if she can do a little rehab and get some strength back. I saw one of my iStock photos on a window company TV commercial, how wild is that? Too bad I only made a few bucks from the sale, oh well, it was still exciting to see it flash across the screen!

12 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Maybe you can give me some art lessons. My kids laugh when I try to draw.

    Good luck with your mom, and make sure to keep taking good care of yourself…

  2. Neat drawing.

    Cool about the stock photo.

    That’s the problem with selling stock through an agency. You see too little money from it.

    I recently sold one for use in a TV ad, independent from a stock agency, for significant $$, enough to buy a decent lens. No commission was taken because I don’t sell through a stock agency. The stock sites are so saturated with photos and you have so little control. It is like a lottery that you get a dollar here and a dollar there if you are lucky.

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