7 thoughts on “brit hit

  1. Ya, it’s a great song, hadn’t seen the video before , I like the old masters crackled paint look.
    I keep trying to figure out if it’s a particular historical figure he’s sing about, a certain Caesar , or there’s a reference to John the baptist too, any ideas?

  2. good morning Bookbabie. the heat humidity broke and so i am thinking happy weekend! The world rules. It is so beautiful. thanks for the music.

  3. The best interpretation I found is that it’s about Napoleon.

    It is a very literal interpretational ballad of Napoleon in the moments before his death in exile. The first three verses are where he recounts his former glory (”Old king is dead, long live the king”) when he was going to rule the world, and how he held such power over his enemy. (”I used to rule the world/ Roll the dice” ) And then he tells of his downfall, when he sees that he cannot rule the world, and how he has become the lowest.(”Now in the morning/ sweep the streets I used to own/ the walls were closed on me”) It is very much like Napoleon’s failed attempt to rule the world.

  4. Thanks Bookbabie, It makes a sense of the military jackets the band are wearing too, I’d never have thought of Napoleon myself but then history was never my strong point:)

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