pool days

We have had a wonderful weekend here in Michigan. It’s been sunny and dry for three straight days (imagine that!). We finally cranked up the pool heater and on Saturday had some family over to swim. My brother and his gang came up from Louisville, those are his twins Laural and Davis in the pic with their one-year-old second cousin Aryielle. Aryielle is our newly diagnosed diabetic. She is doing pretty well, she doesn’t cry when she gets poked (just when they change her diapers!) and my sister (her grandma the nurse) and niece almost have her blood sugars regulated. Diabetes is a tough disease to manage, especially in a baby and we are now part of that club that is hoping and praying for a cure someday. Little Aryielle went swimming for the first time yesterday and loved it 🙂

6 thoughts on “pool days

  1. What a sweet picture of the kids and YEAH to having nice weather!
    My brother has a little gilr who was diagnosed with GA-1 when she was just 2 weeks old and as a result, she is diabetic as well. It does get “easier” as they get older (she just turned 3 in June)

  2. Sweet summer pic.

    Diabetes is tough especially in one so very young. My brother has been dealing with the disease since he was a kid. He manages it pretty well. He is in his mid 50s and in pretty good health. Hopefully there will be a cure soon.

  3. Oh how lovely!
    great to see those happy faces. A family pool party sounds wonderful, it’s so cold here in Scotland just now that it’s hard to imagine. We did fire up our out door bath the other day though. It literally has a fire underneath it which is very crucial this far north!

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