live long

If you haven’t taken this test yet, click on the header above and see how long you may live. Share the magic number in a comment if you’re so inclined. And remember, this isn’t a competition folks, just another tool to use when assessing current and future healthcare concerns:)

Speaking of life, ran across this short video on YouTube by the talented Italian animator, Bruno Bozetto.

9 thoughts on “live long

  1. oh no! don’t dare to take the life expectancy–ha ha if i get through today and settle into a peaceful sleep i am golden.

    love the animation–the box at the end adds power to it. honeysuckle is still blooming randomly. hope you find some.

  2. 87 That’s pretty good. Glad you came by today. I do need to get that score up by a year or two to keep up with some of my older relatives. Have a great week.

  3. That was really cool!
    Mine came back at 90! It’s about right since all of my great grandparents were well into their 90s before they died.

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