bird’s eye view

The Nature Conservancy has a live nest cam aimed at an eagle nest on Santa Cruz Island in California. Two chicks have successfully hatched this month. Pack up all your cares and woes and go check it out. It’s pretty zen to sit and watch the parents tend their chicks and the background sounds of nature are very relaxing, feels like you’re outside sitting in a tree just chillin’ with those lovely creatures. The photo is by permission from Nikon66 on flickr. Fiercely beautiful shot of a fiercely beautiful bird.

7 thoughts on “bird’s eye view

  1. Wow, what an amazing bird!
    I’ve tagged you with a questionnaire by the way, if you fancy it and have time!
    just check my blog for the questions.
    Hope you’re having a great day!

  2. a great link. Thank you, I think this will be my new phone toy (what I do when I’m at work and on the phone with someone who is less than captivating)

  3. Thank you for this wonderful link! My students throughly enjoyed this link when I shared it with them the other day.

  4. Aarggg I can’t get a picture on the web cam, it just loads but stays blank, you lucky things.
    The best we have in Ireland is a web cam in a blue tit’s nest , sweet but tame!

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