saturday songstress

If you’ve never heard Idina Menzel sing you’re in for a real treat today. She’s a Tony Award winning actress, singer, and songwriter and the video is from her new solo album, “I Stand”. Idina’s voice has a distinctive and lovely tone and the lyrics to the song Brave are uplifting and empowering, the perfect follow-up to my previous post. You can hear other cuts from the album on her website by clicking on her name. I’m going over to iTunes right now to download a few of her songs!

8 thoughts on “saturday songstress

  1. Hey, thank you very much for you comment. Very true, I wouldn’t call myself someone who gets emo often. But today is completely one of those days. I think I’ve been spending almost, too much time to myself.

    • OK, I’ll try some html pasted into the text wdegit. However, I’m still not sure how I could have say tasters’ of a complete article appear on the home page(index.php) with links to the complete article at the end. How would I achieve this?ThanksSi

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