super duper tuesday


Ms. bookbabie has been all blinged out and is ready to sit back and watch the returns come in tonight. No matter what your political leanings happen to be, no one can deny that this year’s presidential primaries feel almost like the election itself. I’m 48 years old and I have never been as interested, as excited even, about an upcoming presidential election. I love that people everywhere are talking about the candidates, watching the debates, and I’m especially pleased that this enthusiasm seems to be spreading to a younger generation of voters. If your state is part of Super Tuesday, get to the polls so that your vote will count and your voice will be heard.

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I’m tired of hearing it said that democracy doesn’t work. Of course it doesn’t work. We are supposed to work it. ~Alexander Woollcott

7 thoughts on “super duper tuesday

  1. I agree! I’m only 24 years old, but I’m starting to realize the importance of following politics. No matter which candidate one agress with politically, now is the time to get people involved!

  2. I love that quote, I’m going to write it down and remember it myself 🙂

    Also, I’m gluten-free too. Being that I’m only 20-years-old I caught my allergy fairly early. I’m keeping an eye on your blog from now on, so don’t disappoint me, haha. cheers!

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