here kitty kitty

The Golden Compass is a book written by Philip Pullman that was sold in the adult and young-adult categories when it was first published in 1998. It is a book rich in fantasy and according to the Detorit Free-Press it is, “extraordinary storytelling at it’s very best”. In December a movie based on the book will premier starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. On the movie website they have a fun generator where you can find out what your daemon is (not the same thing as a demon). In the book, a person’s soul lives outside their bodies in the form of a talking animal. Click on bookbabie’s daemon, Pereus, if you want to find yours!

2 thoughts on “here kitty kitty

  1. oh yes, I read this book in one night. I first had to get used to the daemon-idea but it is indeed a clever book. Wondering what the movie will be like.

  2. I’ve read His Dark Materials trilogy and enjoyed them immensly, so I’m delighted that there’s another similar work to be devoured.
    I love the idea of having a daemon, I had a three legged cat once that would ride on my shoulders wrapped around my neck like a stole, but his conversation was limited!
    In Mary Renault’s book The king must die, the greek queen had a snake as her daemon, it’s the only other time I’ve come across that idea.

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