here kitty kitty

The Golden Compass is a book written by Philip Pullman that was sold in the adult and young-adult categories when it was first published in 1998. It is a book rich in fantasy and according to the Detorit Free-Press it is, “extraordinary storytelling at it’s very best”. In December a movie based on the book will premier starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. On the movie website they have a fun generator where you can find out what your daemon is (not the same thing as a demon). In the book, a person’s soul lives outside their bodies in the form of a talking animal. Click on bookbabie’s daemon, Pereus, if you want to find yours!

2 thoughts on “here kitty kitty

  1. I’ve read His Dark Materials trilogy and enjoyed them immensly, so I’m delighted that there’s another similar work to be devoured.
    I love the idea of having a daemon, I had a three legged cat once that would ride on my shoulders wrapped around my neck like a stole, but his conversation was limited!
    In Mary Renault’s book The king must die, the greek queen had a snake as her daemon, it’s the only other time I’ve come across that idea.

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