books on the run

bookcrossinglink2-174×59.jpgI joined this morning. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s kind of like a free worldwide book club. After you’ve read a book that you’d like to share, or “release” out into the world, you go to the website and register the book, leave a few comments, slap an anonymous label in it, then pass it along to a friend, donate it, leave in a coffee shop, airport, or “forget” it on a park bench. Hopefully the finder will read your book and enter the number on the website so you can track it’s whereabouts. Very cool. I’m eyeing my bookshelf right now looking for candidates. Hmmm, my son and daughter in-law are taking a trip next week, I wonder if they’d mind scattering a couple of books for me during their travels?

1 thought on “books on the run

  1. I do the book crossing thing as well. I don’t go searching for books, but I do “litter” the city with the ones that I no longer need.

    A couple of years ago, I left a whole bushel of books about cfs around the city. This was when I thought I had finished with the illness for good. I was wrong, wish I had kept them … would have provided some interesting information for

    I am sure the person who picked them up, doesn’t view them as the treasure they were/are.

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